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  • Supportive Services
  • Neighborhood Energy Center
  • Land Care
  • Community Garden
  • Community Education & Training
  • Computer Lab
  • Food Cupboard
  • Commercial Corridor Cleaning Program

In 2002, The Nicetown CDC was selected by the community and the City to be the administrator for the Nicetown Neighborhood Advisory Committee. (NTCDC/NAC) The NTCDC/NAC is a program of the NTCDC, governed by the Office of Housing & Community Development. (OHCD) NACs deliver vital supportive services in neighborhoods where there are at least 51% low-moderate income residents. This includes coordinating City services, conducting block surveys, promoting OHCD supported programs, helping prepare neighborhood plans, and commenting on proposed housing and community development projects. The primary goal of NACs is to ensure citizen/resident access and participation in these activities. This is carried out through a community-elected SubCommittee, (NTCDC/NAS) which acts in an Advisory capacity to the NTCDC. The members of the NTCDC/NAS must either live or serve within the service area. The NTCDC/NAC service area boundaries are defined by 11 census tracts: 203-205; 277-281; and 265-267

Since our first NAC program contract in 2002, the Nicetown CDC has been providing supportive services to the community, based primarily upon the OHCD Scope of Services. Over the years, we have progressively included delivery of comprehensive services and resources that more specifically address the needs of residents in our service area. The NTCDC believes that a priority should be placed upon the reduction and elimination of poverty, and partners with the Mayor’s Office of Empowerment and Opportunity. (formerly MOCS) We will work to stabilize Nicetown and surrounding neighborhoods to keep it safe and vibrant. Together, we deliver services that can more immediately address problems and issues that affect the quality of life of our residents:

Our office at 4300 Germantown Avenue is the main site, along with our satellite office (2001 W. Tulpehocken St) in West Oak Lane, to deliver supportive services directly and by referral to the general community. An additional Supportive Services office is located at Nicetown Court I, (4340 Germantown Ave) providing on-site service and resource availability exclusively for our residents who live at Nicetown Courts I & II.


Since 2009, the NTCDC has been contracted by the Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) to operate a Neighborhood Energy Center. (NEC)


Vacant Lots-The NTCDC has been contracted by the City of Philadelphia and the PA Horticultural Society to clean and maintain nearly 200 vacant lots throughout Northwest Philadelphia. T

The NTCDC Community Garden is a 2-acre open space located in the 4200/4300 blocks of Germantown Avenue to the rear of the NTCDC Community Center and Steel Elementary School. In 2009, the NTCDC partnered with the Philadelphia Orchard Project to initiate the garden, with fig and hazelnut trees, strawberry vines, and raised vegetable beds. The NTCDC plans to re-design the layout of this large open space, to maximize the potential for growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers. A greenhouse, sitting pavilion, dedicated water source, and farmer’s market are included in the plan. Fresh fruit and vegetables are in short supply in Nicetown and the surrounding neighborhoods, and in need as a nutritional resource. Entreprenuerial education and training for youth and seniors is encouraged, to provide the opportunity to establish a local farmers market. The Nicetown Community Garden is a destination point, serving as a space for community learning, sharing, and engagement.

The NTCDC prioritizes education and training, which has proven to be the best community mobilization tool. Known for organizing and educating Block Captains, the first point of contact for the Nicetown CDC is the Block Captain Committee of Nicetown. (BCCN) This organized core group of local Block Captains works directly with the Nicetown CDC to distribute information throughout the service area. The BCCN also independently develops and implements their own fundraisers, clean ups, special events, and collaborations to improve the community. The BCCN works in partnership with the Nicetown CDC to organize and promote these activities, as well as information dissemination, community meetings and trainings. This partnership is one that the NTCDC values as a resident-driven component of revitalizing Nicetown and surrounding communities.

In 2004, the NTCDC partnered with the Philadelphia Commercial Development Corporation (PCDC) to establish a computer lab at the NTCDC Community Center. The goal of the computer lab is to provide free neighborhood access to individuals seeking employment, for students that need to complete academic requirements, and also for communication and training opportunities.

One of the first ways the NTCDC began to fight poverty is to directly address food insecurity, which remains a challenge today. In partnership with SHARE and Feed the Children programs, the Nicetown CDC Food Cupboard has provided thousands of meals to needy families since 2002. The main food distribution day is on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 1pm until 3pm, at the NTCDC Community Center at 4300 Germantown Avenue. (date may be subject to change)

In 2012, the Nicetown CDC was awarded a contract from the Department of Commerce to keep Nicetown’s corridor clean between the blocks of 4100-4400 blocks of Germantown Avenue. This helps the NTCDC to hire and deploy a local Team to focus on maintaining this targeted area for an entire year. The Team works with local businesses and neighbors to address maintenance issues on Nicetown’s corridor. The NTCDC has a goal to expand this much needed effort up to the 3600 block of Germantown Avenue & the Broad & Erie transit centered gateway.